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A collection of the best artistic humor in various art related media.

Original photography fine-art bodyart model image.

views: 13223 R: 3.83
category: People
People, Body paint posing
Funny Joke desktop wallpaper background, disguised as a Microsoft PowerPoint application. This computer desktop was designed to shock those who like to peek in to other people business.

views: 13207 R: 5.00
category: Desktop wallpapers
Desktop wallpapers, Microsoft PowerPoint
Life's STILL Too Short for The Wrong Job. Billboard optical illusion is a "Jobsintown" commercial. It's an illustrations and mocking "caricatures", but the company sends a message which makes you...

views: 13183 R: 4.67
category: Ads & Signs
Ads & Signs  , Life's Too Short
You can see how Audi recognized optical illusions as a quality material for their promotion!

views: 13133 R: 4.75
category: Optical illusions 3D
Optical illusions 3D, Whatever the road holds
Richard and Willie - "Funky Honkey, Nasty Nigger" All I could do is stare, open-mouthed, for the longest time... what's really terrifying is that at least 3 people consideration it was a good idea....

views: 12990 R: 3.67
category: Music free fun
Music free fun, Funky Honkey, Nasty Nigger
A funny kitten hunting the little goldfish. Scared? So does the goldfish!

views: 12897 R: 4.40
category: Cats & Dogs
Freddy Krueger is a fictional character from the A Nightmare on Elm Street series of films, the horror classic that launched 6 sequels and made Freddy Krueger into a legendary character.

views: 12849 R: 5.00
category: Bizarre pictures
Bizarre pictures, One.. two.. Freddy Krueger

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