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A collection of the best artistic humor in various art related media.

A very strange and funny city sculpture. Great entertainment for tourists.

views: 32967 R: 3.00
category: Arts entertainment
Arts entertainment, Help me please anyone ...
Dalmation puppies are sooooo cute! This one lost all its black spots by accident!

views: 32150 R: 4.50
category: Desktop wallpapers
Desktop wallpapers, Cute Dalmation puppy
The Creation Of Simba Michelangelo Buonarroti by SHIKU_NEXT. The great interpretation on the famous mural fresco, the origin of the image is not clear so leave a comment if you know!

views: 31874 R: 4.75
category: Animals funny
Animals funny, Simba by Michelangelo Buonarroti
"Back To The Shit" That Millie Jackson cover has constantly cracked me up. Talk about erroneous. I was working in a record store when this was out...and I'm pretty sure I did buy it, just for the...

views: 31584 R: 3.25
category: Music free fun
Music free fun, Millie Jackson album
Sports illustrated Issue 2005. Photo by Joanne Gair. Daniella Sarahyba is a Brazilian supermodel currently contracted under H&M, Spiegel and Benetton. Swimsuit bottom by C-Girl for

views: 31471 R: 3.67
category: Design & Fashion
Design & Fashion , SI Swimsuit Collection 2005
Body painting is not always large pieces on fully nude bodies, but can involve smaller pieces on displayed areas of otherwise clothed bodies.

views: 31452 R: 5.00
category: Photography stock
Photography stock, Body art picture
The picture is an illusion. It gives you an impression of a profile of a man, but his face is actually bike parts just laying around.

views: 30120 R: 3.50
category: Optical illusions 3D
Optical illusions 3D, Motorbike Face Illusion

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