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A collection of the best artistic humor in various art related media.

Funny looking Surfer sculpture design.

views: 1 R: 0.00
category: Arts entertainment
Arts entertainment, Surfer sculpture
Classical yellow car.

views: 1 R: 0.00
category: Cars Transportation
Cars Transportation, The yellow car
What...or even who can be the best alarm-clock ever? Of course a child. never had one? Check this funny picture!

views: 1 R: 3.25
category: Babies 'R' Us
Babies 'R' Us, The Live Alarm-Clock
People...animals..ladies..rabbits. Those hidden satirical parallels, that the author brigs to our attention, are always bright and with a good sense of humor. Check it out!

views: 1 R: 4.00
category: Bizarre pictures
Bizarre pictures, Ladies And Rabbits
Pop art was the first art movement to embrace mass-media photographic imagery. Popular culture, consumer products, and photos of media stars provided the subject matter and the materials for...

views: 1 R: 4.67
category: Desktop wallpapers
Desktop wallpapers, Coffee sugar black
A little blue cloud having a little shower. Is it he or she? Make your own guess!

views: 1 R: 0.00
category: Cartoons
Cartoons, Funny Shower
The effect produced by this technique creates an image-transfer from the model's body to the medium. This includes all the curves of the model's body (typically female) being reflected in the...

views: 1 R: 0.00
category: Design & Fashion
Design & Fashion , Snake body painting

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