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A collection of the best artistic humor in various art related media.

Advertising by Platinum, FMD Ag.: BBDO Portugal - Dir. Arte: Diogo Mello - Cliente: Nissan, Discover the Nissan range of vehicles: city cars, crossovers, 4x4s, SUVs, sports cars and commercial...

views: 44 R: 5.00
category: Animals funny
Animals funny, Nissan auto poster advertising
The Monkey Religion is based upon the sheer goodness that resides in any intelligent lifeform. The religion strives to encourage everyone to get in touch with that positive lifeforce, how deeply...

views: 43 R: 0.00
category: Religion fun
Religion fun, Monkey Religion
Many body art creations are so intricate and creative that they are exhibited in special art exhibitions. Body art, as compared to normal tattooing, involves using the human body as the basis for...

views: 43 R: 4.00
category: Design & Fashion
Design & Fashion , Live abstract painting
Creative bathroom accessories interior.

views: 43 R: 4.33
category: Interior design
Interior design, Freedom of choice
Singer sewing machine- astonishing Russian cake

views: 43 R: 4.50
category: Food
Food, Singer sewing machine- astonishing Russian cake
Classic car decorated as a butterfly.

views: 42 R: 0.00
category: Cars Transportation
Cars Transportation, Funny hippie car
A funny and ironic policeman's portrait. Is he an evil one, or a cunning one..or even a kind one? It's you to decide!

views: 42 R: 3.00
category: Jokes pictures
Jokes pictures, The Policeman

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