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A collection of the best artistic humor in various art related media.

graphiste: Sophie C: Pets at Home - where pets come first, fur, eat, tree, park, tail, leaf, ears, hide, cute, pine, face, rain, play, wild, food, umbrella, green, woods, small, close, mammal,...

views: 6 R: 4.50
category: Animals funny
Animals funny, Where pets come first
graphiste: Tony. wallpaper man, woman, kitchen table, endangered, venom, creepy, poisonous, phobia, crawling, legged, venomous, arachnophobia, crawly, tarantula, blooded, deadly, copyspace,...

views: 6 R: 4.13
category: Bizarre pictures
Bizarre pictures, Insects our best friends
For All Cancer Fighters. Sly'via Johnson asked, I was wondering if you could produce a picture of Barbie with no hair so that every little girl fighting cancer feels beautiful!! Put her in pink,...

views: 6 R: 4.67
category: Medicine laughter
Medicine laughter, Barbie HOPE doll
So what? It's not a crime having a good back!

views: 5 R: 5.00
category: People
People, Great backyard!
Ghosts on the water… tom tom tom…

views: 5 R: 0.00
category: Arts entertainment
Arts entertainment, Lake dreams
No visit to Dubai is complete without a visit to the Burj al Arab, the worlds only 7 star hotel. Designed by WS Atkins, the hotel was built to resemble the sail of an Arabian dhow. The interior is...

views: 5 R: 5.00
category: Architecture
Architecture, Burj al Arab
Here are some signs that I just randomly collected from several sites that I wanted to toss together for all of you to enjoy...

views: 5 R: 0.00
category: Ads & Signs
Ads & Signs  , Fun with steps

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