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A collection of the best artistic humor in various art related media.

Business creative advertisement by Platinum FMD Ag.: Young & Rubican Toronto - Dir. Arte: Lorne Covent- Cliente: Ford. Ford Motor Company maker of cars, trucks, SUVs and other vehicles.

views: 41 R: 0.00
category: Desktop wallpapers
Desktop wallpapers, Ford montanha desktop background
American flag body art wallpaper, stars and stripes, flag, white, American, red, nation, U.S.A, United States, democracy, freedom abstract conceptual.

views: 41 R: 4.25
category: People
People, American flag met-art wallpaper
A former Yugoslavian car “YUGO” is decorated as a fast-food restaurant.

views: 40 R: 4.00
category: Cars Transportation
Cars Transportation, “YUGO’s dinner on the GO
A fictitious funny character for the computer online game made by the young artist Inessa Kirianova.

views: 40 R: 4.00
category: People
Giant fruit and big vegetables, roadside statues in small towns that want travelers to know about their agricultural heritage.

views: 40 R: 0.00
category: Arts entertainment
Arts entertainment, Giant fruits
Funny truck decorated as hot and spicy Pringles potato chips.

views: 40 R: 3.67
category: Photoshop design
Photoshop design, Pringles potato chips truck
Just funny, nothing elce..

views: 40 R: 0.00
category: Architecture
Architecture, Animal architecture

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