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A collection of the best artistic humor in various art related media.

American film actor, director, voice-over artist, writer and film producer. Hanks worked in television and family-friendly comedies before achieving success as a dramatic actor portraying several...

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category: Celebrities oops
Celebrities oops, Tom Hanks
You might have seen originals SONY Bravia LCD Billboard. This optical illusion is an innovative way of advertising the product.

views: 0 R: 5.00
category: Optical illusions 3D
Optical illusions 3D, Sony Bravia Billboard optical illusion
Cool billboard for Nike Tennis shoes! It appears that the building behind them is bent, which should illustrate how perfect those shoes are and how fast they can make you run with them! Brilliant...

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category: Ads & Signs
Ads & Signs  , Nike Building Illusion
Two little magicians dreaming and seeing dreams. What are they about? Guess yourself!

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category: Jokes pictures
Jokes pictures, White And Black Dreams
Let's get snow! Two rabbits are making a snowman...I mean a snowbunny! Cool!

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category: Cartoons
Cartoons, Snowbunny
I hope Barak Obama supporters would not take my political joke seriously. To be a target of mockery that is the ultimate price the modern and past celebrities have to pay for being famous. John...

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category: Desktop wallpapers
Desktop wallpapers, Obama 08 election
Picture shooted in belgium at a empty hospital

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category: Photography stock
Photography stock, colorfull art

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